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Chart Type: 3D Pie charts


Lines Lines (pairs) Sparklines

Bar charts

Horizontal Bar Vertical Bar Horizontal Bar Vertical Bar

Pie charts

Pie charts 3D Pie charts Concentric Pie charts
For Pie Charts with labels choose 1000x300 or 800x375 size

Venn diagrams

Venn diagram

Scatter plots

Scatter plots

Radar charts

Radar charts Radar charts

Chart Size: 320x240


1000x300 800x375 600x500 320x240


300x1000 375x800 500x600 240x320


546x546 400x400 300x300 200x200


Should be consists only positive numbers, use minus one (-1) for missing value, separated by coma, space or semi(,; ), e.g.: 23, 432, 456, 341
For Lines (pairs):
Input data as x-axis and y-axis coordinates, e.g.: x1,y1, x2,y2, x3,y3

Data Max Value:

To create some space between the highest value and the top of the chart, set Max Value to be larger than the largest number in the data array


Use a pipe character (|) to force a line break in title.


  • To: With Interval:

  • All labels are separated by coma (,) or by the pipe character (|), e.g.: Jun,Jul,Aug
Font size, alignment and color


Gradient Background:

  • Angle °
  • Color One:
    Offset: :
  • Color Two:
    Offset: :

  • Angle °
  • Color One:
    Offset: :
  • Color Two:
    Offset: :

Linear Stripes Background:

  • Angle °
  • Color One:
    Width: :
  • Color Two:
    Width: :

  • Angle °
  • Color One:
    Width: :
  • Color Two:
    Width: :

Bar Options:

  • : Bar Width:
  • : Space between bars:
  • : Space between groups:

Fill Area:

To fill from the top of the chart to the first line, include a data set which contains only the highest data value.
To fill from the last line to the bottom of the chart include a data set which contains only the lowest data value.

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  • X axis step size
  • Y axis step size
  • length of line segment
  • length of blank segment
  • X offset
  • Y offset
Grid Hint
Sample chart

Chart is ready you can save it as image

  1. Right-click on the chart
  2. Select "Save image as"
  3. Save the image to your computer

or copy one of follow code (embedded or image link only)

Sample chart

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